Why we’ll all be in the same boat next October

Greetings from Thailand!

Now I know you didn’t think that subject line represented the first cracks of pessimism from me regarding travel in these challenging times…but just in case anyone did, allow me to clarify 🙂

Yes the storm continues to rage and it’s making things extraordinarily difficult on the trip planning front. We continue to forge ahead however and I’m quite keen to release some exciting new programs in the coming weeks.

Along with the new ones there will also be some re-releases, as changes inevitably happen for some of our previously scheduled itineraries. This is what has happened for our fall sailing of our Croatia, Slovenia & the Adriatic Coast program, which you can find in your newsletter.

I recently got a call from our partners in the Adriatic informing me that due to various circumstances we were going to have to either cancel our October sailing, or charter the entire ship ourselves.

As you can probably imagine, chartering a boat in these uncertain times is a big risk, and avoiding these kinds of risks is generally preferable, unless your hand is forced and you must make a decision. Long time readers of this newsletter will know that I am loathe to cancel any trip unless it’s truly unsafe or there is no other choice…and in this case there’s still time to see what happens and still a chance to choose.

So choose is exactly what I’ve done – we’re going ahead and chartering the whole ship for our October Adriatic Coast program.

In business, travel, and life in general there is a correlation between risk and reward, and as long as we’re calculating carefully, certain risks bring us to some of life’s greatest joys and adventures.

I think the idea of a ship full of only our people cruising along the crystal blue waters of the Adriatic sounds thoroughly delightful, and thus I’m declaring the intention that we will do just that in roughly nine months time.

There are several other advantages to chartering it ourselves, which include implementing our own protocols and agreements regarding safety, no single supplement for all the lower deck cabins, and a limited-time special on upper deck cabins.

If you’re on board with the idea and would consider adding your intention to mine to make it all happen, you can find the updated itinerary below, and you can of course reach out should you have any questions.

I have yet to find a functional crystal ball, but that doesn’t mean some magic can’t happen in our favour. And if anyone ever asks if we’re interested in travel or committed to it, you can now be certain of our position.

Lots more to come as we inch closer to our first LiveAway, with two webinars upcoming for next winter’s LiveAway programs. The only reasonable response to a tough winter this year is to have a spectacular one the next, and I’m keen to share the details with you. Do join us if you’re free.

Otherwise be well, be positive, spread some good energy around…there’s not much risk in that, and sometimes it comes back in outsized rewards.


P.S. Apologies for the confusion last week regarding the date of the Bali webinar – it is indeed on February 2nd! We’ve got it straight this time 😉

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