Your LiveAways Questions Answered

Greetings from Thailand!

Last week we debuted our 2021-2022 LiveAways Inspirations piece, where we gave a more in-depth look at the long stay destinations we first mentioned back in August. I received a bunch of great feedback and a number of questions, some of which I answered in this week’s video:

  • How big will the groups be?
  • What kind of accommodations would we be looking at?
  • How will the excursions work?

And on the subject of questions, thank you to all who gave us their feedback on the LiveAways Inspirations piece – your feedback is crucial for our planning and programming! If you haven’t had a chance to let us know what you think, please give us your thoughts when you have a moment to spare.

As for trips for next year and beyond – I’m in the final stages of preparing our proposed roster of trips all over the world for 2022, which we’ll put out to the community in the coming weeks. Obviously a lot depends on the success of the roll-out of the vaccines, but I think there’s a lot to be excited about…we’re inching closer to travelling again 🙂

Next week we’ve got part III of our Incredible Rail Journeys series, where we’ll look at two routes crossing Australia, the east-west Indian Pacific and The Ghan, crossing the country from north to south.

After part III we’ll be taking a short break from our regular scheduled programming, and will be back with part IV of the Rail Journeys series on January 7, where we’ll take a closer look at the Paris-Venice Orient Express and the Palace on Wheels trip through northern India.

I trust you’ll stay warm & cozy as we enter the final month of 2020…lots more to come and to look forward to in 2021.


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