Do you have questions about travel insurance?

May 22nd, 2021
Do you have questions about travel insurance?

Greetings from Thailand!

This past week we released our first '5x5' program to Scandinavia and the Baltics, a unique trip that was born from collecting feedback from our community about the kinds of experiences people want to have while travelling, particularly in the post-pandemic era.

Longer stays, more leisure time to explore on your own, smaller groups...these were all bits of feedback from travellers like you in this community, and programs like this 5x5 and our LiveAways trips are the result of that collaboration. I think it's a great trip and would love to know your thoughts on the end result.

And, while on the subject of feedback, I'd like to mention just a few other things of note...

First, I've received many emails from members asking some very good (and sometimes very difficult to answer!) questions about travel insurance in the coming months and years, and I've been working on a research piece to try to get some better answers for us all.

I'd love to add your questions to the mix so it gets to the heart of what our community wants to know, so if you have any particular questions relating to travel insurance, please post them as a reply to my post in our Facebook group, or just hit reply to this email. I'll do my best to uncover all the answers and anticipate releasing the piece in the next few weeks.

A second point on the subject of feedback - our new member questionnaire is an important tool for us when it comes to planning trips based on where the community wants to go, and I would be most grateful for your input, whether you're a new member or one who's been with us for a while 🙂 If you haven't had the chance to do it yet, please share your thoughts with us in the questionnaire (link in your newsletter).

And lastly, I'd love to get your feedback on a little project I did a few summers ago...I went on a trip through every province in Austria, interviewing hoteliers, restaurateurs, merchants, and local people to try to uncover the secret behind the country's excellent reputation for hospitality.

The experience we receive as a guest while travelling colours so many of our perceptions and memories of the trips we take, and the hospitality experience I aspire to deliver on our trips with Wheel & Anchor was very much influenced by my years of study and living in Austria.

I finished the book and had it printed some time ago, but with all the pandemic madness it got pushed to the backburner, but we're finally ready to get it out! The book is free to members of our community with a small contribution to the shipping to get it to your door - you can get a copy of it here.

As always, your feedback on any of the above is always greatly's an honour to design and deliver trips that become treasured memories, and I can't wait to venture out to explore with you again when the time is upon us.


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